Screenshot of Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a handy SEO plugin for the flat-file CMS Kirby. It has mighty powers.

Download on GitHub

Some features you might like

Search Listing Preview

Craft beautiful SEO titles and know instantly what they could look like on Google’s result page.

Sharing Preview

Add custom titles, descriptions and images to your pages so they’ll stand out when they are shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Cropped Sharing Images

Can’t remember the exact dimensions of those pesky sharing images? Easy! Meta Knight will automatically crop them for you.

Keep the crawlers at bay

Decide which pages should be indexed by search engines and which ones you’d rather keep off the record.

Fallback Information

Don’t feel like filling in information for every page? No problem. Meta Knight comes with site-wide fallback values.

Easy Installation

Add Meta Knight to an existing site by adding roughly four lines of code (and possibly removing a few).